I did it.

I am Sparta!

The Spartan 300 Challenge benchmark workout was yesterday morning, and I survived.

That whole trying to be brave thing faltered a little bit when I got to CrossFit Central, and I was teary-eyed when Carey did my measurements and body fat assessment. A combination of excitement and nervousness about the workout, I guess. Whatever. I cried like a little girl for about 5 minutes.

Then I did the workout and finished first in my group with a time of 14:53. Here’s what I did:

25 pullups – jumping with the help of a box
50 deadlifts – 35-lb. bar
50 pushups – on my toes, chest to the floor
50 box jumps – 12-inch box
50 floor wipers – 35-lb. bar
50 clean & press – 13-lb. kettlebell (25 R arm, 25 L arm)
25 pullups – jumping with the help of a box

The men used the full 20 minutes allotted for the workout because they lifted a 135-lb bar for the deadlifts and floor sweepers, a tall box (24″) for jumping, and did true pullups. It’s pretty amazing to see. Sixty+ people participated yesterday. I’m curious to see how many of those original 60 hang tough for the full 16 weeks.

I came home from CrossFit Central and went on a run with Dave (6 minutes jogging + 1 minute walking, 3 times). Then I ate a Brushfire taco at Torchy’s and took the nap of all naps.

Special shout-out of thanks to Carey for acting like it was no big deal that I cried like a dingdong, to Crystal for being a kickass coach, to Jen for counting my reps and pushing me through the workout, to Kris for being the first person to give me a high-five when I was done, and to Nicole for always having a kind word and friendly smile.

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