Strawberries and other good things

Part of the Artist’s Way is writing “morning pages” — 3 pages of stream-of-consciousness catharsis. The idea is to get all the crap out of your head first thing in the morning, so you can think clearly and positively about your life during the rest of the day. Sometimes, the morning pages help me solve problems. On page one of my three, I’ll write something like, “OK,... read more


I love this look. Belinda Carlisle looks like she’d be accompanied by a percussive soundtrack when she crossed the room: Ba-BOOM. Ba-BOOM. Today, I’ve recreated it as faithfully as I can with my figure and clothes from Target and DSW. I’m delighted to say I’m wearing a size 10 high-waisted, black pencil skirt; a short-sleeved, scoopneck black sweater with white eyelet trim; and... read more

Heartbreak and Success

Let’s get the painful (but awesome) part out of the way. On Saturday night, Mr. Mike Ness was scheduled to play at the Stone Pony, which rock aficionados know is where the other much-loved mister in our household — Bruce Springsteen — got his start. Travel back in time with me a few weeks and imagine this real conversation that took place over IM with me at work and Dave at the home... read more

It’s Friday. Dayjobbers everywhere rejoice.

To paraphrase Xtina, nothing can bring me down today. 1. Bootcamp this morning was awesome-hard and exhilarating. We started with a really challenging circuit: 4 cycles of the following, 30 seconds per station: jumping lunges with a 6-lb. medicine ball held overhead 200 meter run cleans with 10-lb. dumbbells T-rotations chest press w/ 10-lb. dumbbells The jumping lunges to run was a killer. Started my... read more

Normal (AWESOME) day

Slammed at work wrapping up my copywriting for my project, so I don’t have time to share a lot. But I wanted to celebrate the awesome run Dave and I had today, and how great it feels to be stepping up to the Spartan 300 Challenge. Dave got me a DVD on running for my birthday and after one viewing, my running is better. Easier. Maybe faster. Dave said I was quick like a bunny today. I know that bunny... read more

Forty is the New Twenty: Tales of My 40th Birthday, Part 1

This is the story of how I decided to act like a grownup so I could celebrate my fortieth birthday like a teenager. I don’t usually make a fuss about celebrating my birthday. Last December, with my fortieth birthday hanging over me like a phone call you don’t want to make or a bill you have to pay instead of buying a new pair of shoes, I set a few challenges for myself: 1. Get to my Weight... read more

I did it.

I am Sparta! The Spartan 300 Challenge benchmark workout was yesterday morning, and I survived. That whole trying to be brave thing faltered a little bit when I got to CrossFit Central, and I was teary-eyed when Carey did my measurements and body fat assessment. A combination of excitement and nervousness about the workout, I guess. Whatever. I cried like a little girl for about 5 minutes. Then I did the... read more

I am Sparta!

I have all kinds of stories and updates about my 40th birthday. But what’s on my mind right now is the CrossFit Central Spartan 300 Challenge. It starts tomorrow, and I’m trying desperately to be brave instead of scared. Here’s the teaser video: And here’s the video of last year’s 300 Challenge: How hard can that be, right?! The action starts with a 6:30 a.m. weigh-in at... read more