I like a man in a hat.

The right kind of hat on the right kind of man is pretty irresistible. It conveys confidence. Style. A little sex appeal.

Generally speaking, a baseball cap or a visor (especially worn inside a building, upside down, or sideways – or fashion gods forbid, upside down AND sideways) is not the kind of thing I’m talking about.

I mean fedoras (see Indiana Jones, my handsome husband, Humphrey Bogart, Kid Rock).

My dad’s flat cap. Or Gene Hackman’s signature porkpie in The French Connection.

My favorite guy in a hat right now? Gavin DeGraw.

Sure, maybe you’ve heard the song “I Don’t Want To Be” too many times. Maybe I have, too. But “Crush” and “Just Friends”… awesome. And good news! Gavin’s got a new single available now (“I’m In Love With a Girl”), and his self-titled record is officially released on May 6. Check out the single and video at his web site I pre-ordered mine!


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